anthony started framing the shed this weekend (the foundation was completed last weekend). the rest of our progress on the house depends on getting the shed done so we have a place to store all of our tools/equipment/yard stuff that's currently in our family room.

we're still trying to decide how to clad it, but we're leaning towards 2x2s on the top 1/3 and T1-11 plywood (running horizontal) or corrugated metal for the bottom 2/3.
update - like this:

kitten update:
i made good progress socializing the kittens. they were letting me come up to them and pick them up without scattering or hissing. unfortunately someone has now walked off with two of them (in separate incidents when no one was around) - hopefully to take them to good homes. only the cute whiter one is left now.



the neighborhood cats are multiplying (our neighbor feeds them, so does that make them her cats or neighborhood cats, if they stay outside and wander?). anyway, one of them has had kittens. the momma has been moving them around and today they showed up on the side of our house. they're sooo cute! any locals want a kitten?

i'm guessing these little guys are maybe 4 weeks old? we've agreed with our neighbors on the other side that if they don't get a home we'll go in together to get them fixed (since i think the old lady that feeds them can't afford to or doesn't care to, apparently). i'd like to take them to the shelter so i know they're getting fed well enough and cared for medically. or hopefully we can find a home for them!


this doesn't so much have to do with our house (maybe someday it will), but i wanted to share the stunning work of niche modern - gorgeous hand-blown glass pendants.

i was looking for a more contemporary version of a bell jar pendant to hang over our stair landing and stumbled upon this site a few months ago, and have just revisited it for work. i am smitten!



i found the perfect vanity for our master bathroom -

it's 48" wide (the max we have room for) and has tons of storage. i love the walnut and i love the white rectangular vessel sink on top (not included). it would go so well with the rest of my vision for the master bathroom. what i don't love is the $3k price tag. the 36"er is nice too (and would give our toilet more ample room) but it's still $2400. hmm... i guess i'll just have to keep looking for something similar. 42" would be ideal.



not much going on at the casa this weekend - we helped some friends knock out some much-needed sheetrock work and were going to start building our shed, but we got pounded with rain so all of the materials and our backyard got soaked.

we did make a quick trip to atlanta to purchase some very cool mid-century modern clam shell chairs from a woman selling them on craigslist. i looove them!

they are from circa 1960 and have their original tags and white vinyl upholstery (which is in good condition except for just a few spots of wear). a magic eraser worked wonders!

right now they are taking up in our dining room where they happily coexist with the nelson saucer pendant, but who knows where their final resting place will be once we get some nicer furniture.



with a $300 investment in plants, soil, peat and pine straw and taking a few extra bulbs from a friend's yard, this weekend we worked on increasing our curb appeal and making the deck more lush and inviting...

now we just have to cross our fingers that this side of the house gets enough sun for these plants to stay alive!

and here's an update to our redamndiculous list:

some of these items are in progress (front door, doors) and now we've made a little progress on that last item on the list as well. up next will be a small shed, and stair treads and the family room floor. slowly but surely...