not much going on at the casa this weekend - we helped some friends knock out some much-needed sheetrock work and were going to start building our shed, but we got pounded with rain so all of the materials and our backyard got soaked.

we did make a quick trip to atlanta to purchase some very cool mid-century modern clam shell chairs from a woman selling them on craigslist. i looove them!

they are from circa 1960 and have their original tags and white vinyl upholstery (which is in good condition except for just a few spots of wear). a magic eraser worked wonders!

right now they are taking up in our dining room where they happily coexist with the nelson saucer pendant, but who knows where their final resting place will be once we get some nicer furniture.


Jenni said...

I love those!!! Great Find.

Jennifer said...

:) Those chairs make me smile.

Margaret III said...

Great blog, great chairs if I may say so. I hope you enjoy them. I was feeling a bit antsy parting with them, but they sure look great in your place. I like that blue!

KTS said...

not only do i love the chairs, i love that their former owner commented here. haha. they look great in the room.

d. said...

hey, i'm all about pimpin' out my blog.

i just wish things were moving faster so i had more to post about.