anthony started framing the shed this weekend (the foundation was completed last weekend). the rest of our progress on the house depends on getting the shed done so we have a place to store all of our tools/equipment/yard stuff that's currently in our family room.

we're still trying to decide how to clad it, but we're leaning towards 2x2s on the top 1/3 and T1-11 plywood (running horizontal) or corrugated metal for the bottom 2/3.
update - like this:

kitten update:
i made good progress socializing the kittens. they were letting me come up to them and pick them up without scattering or hissing. unfortunately someone has now walked off with two of them (in separate incidents when no one was around) - hopefully to take them to good homes. only the cute whiter one is left now.

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ciaobellon said...

Hey Sandra, I like how that hammock is in the perfect place to supervise Anthony's work on the shed!!!! Nice going!