i found the perfect vanity for our master bathroom -

it's 48" wide (the max we have room for) and has tons of storage. i love the walnut and i love the white rectangular vessel sink on top (not included). it would go so well with the rest of my vision for the master bathroom. what i don't love is the $3k price tag. the 36"er is nice too (and would give our toilet more ample room) but it's still $2400. hmm... i guess i'll just have to keep looking for something similar. 42" would be ideal.


Jenni said...

You could make this with a credenza find. Add some taller metal legs.

Hallie&Joe said...

I agree with Jenni - this looks like a million other mid century consoles I've seen. As long as you find one thats no-name you could definitely get this look on the cheap.