ok, here's another plan idea.

*click for a larger view*

this one has a mudroom off the new side entrance, laundry downstairs (to connect into its current plumbing), and a different layout to the master suite.

thoughts? what do you like better about this one over the other one, or vice versa?



gah, i know all of you are probably tired of actually having to read things on this blog, and what you really want to see are pictures. well, no photos yet, but here's my first pass at the "ideal" renovation plan. this is probably too spendy though...

this plan adds a 2nd floor master suite above the existing 1-story addition, and changes that rear addition to a den/family room. the stair is changed, adding a loft upstairs and a powder room downstairs, expanding the kitchen - and many more windows! the ceilings are only about 8'-6" so i want to get more daylight in there so the spaces will feel bigger.

any thoughts/comments?



we got the appraisal report back, and the appraiser valued the house at $12k more than we are paying for it. that's a good thing because it means we can still get our loan approved, but it all evens out since that $12k difference is close to the same amount we got off the contract price of the house to put on a new roof and repair the damage to the sills around the perimeter.

our second CL-100 went better than the first. we were on-site while the guy crawled under the house, and he was under there for quite a while. he took some pictures and came out and explained the condition of the structure, which is not as bad as the previous CL-100 inspector (who didn't go under the house) led us to believe. essentially, the only repairs we have to make are those already described by our building inspector and that we've already gotten off the price of the house. we do have to ventilate the crawl space better and treat for active wood-borers, but those are easy remedies. there are no active termites or mold. phew.



here are the existing floor plans:

stay tuned for the changes we have in store!



the seller's agent is ordering a new CL-100 and paying for it herself. now we can feel more confident about the termite findings. we're feeling more comfortable with being able to increase the ventilation to the crawl space and remedy the moisture problem. now we just wait to make sure the new CL-100 doesn't turn up anything unexpected, and we'll proceed towards closing.


i talked to a structural inspector - a guy who does inspections specifically looking at the structure - and explained to him all of our findings from our building inspector and CL-100 inspector. he suggested that the building inspector would have noted if there were any other additional repairs needed to the structure due to the moisture, so the structure may not be as far gone as we'd feared and perhaps what we need is a moisture control expert to help us find the source(s) of the excessive moisture and determine how to remedy the problem before any damage is done to the structure. he's sending us some referrals for moisture control experts.



oh boy. we got the CL-100 today. for one, the guy didn't even go into the crawl space, but just poked his head in and looked around with a flashlight - because it was too wet. nice. i'm feeling really good about his findings. he reported no visible evidence of wood-destroying insects, while our inspector found visible evidence of previous wood borer damage....

if you'll refer to the photo of the house below, you'll see that the entire crawl space is enclosed with bricks. that means it's getting no ventilation, so there's excessive moisture under there. very excessive. the CL-100 guy reports active and inactive wood-destroying fungi. i'm not sure, but does that mean mold? just from looking at the wood, he reported >28% moisture content in the wood - which is very bad. it's hard to know the extent of how bad it is - since he didn't get moisture readings from multiple locations under the house, but worst case scenario it means having to replace/repair the entire floor structure & subfloor. for certain, if we go through with buying this house - we'll have to remove the infill brick between the piers to let that crawl space ventilate so everything can dry out.

i think we'll have to get a contractor and/or a structural engineer out there to look at it.



we got the inspection back, and there were some issues that we weren't planning on redoing anyway (specifically structural issues and a new roof), so we're trying to renegotiate the contract. still working on drawings in the meantime, and hope to have them posted here within a week or so.

| update |
the seller has agreed to our concession, so we're getting about half the cost of the repairs off the price of the house. yay! now we have to see what the CL-100 (termite report) has to say...



here it is...the "project" house:

it has good bones, and a little bit of craftsman style.

unfortunately, that's vinyl siding you see...so that's one thing on the list of what we want to change. also want to put in new windows (with some mullions in the top sash), change where the stair lands - it's squirrely as it is, pull up the carpet and refinish the hardwoods underneath, strip wallpaper, new kitchen & bathrooms, maybe rework the rear addition, and might put some shakes in the gable of the front porch.

closing is set for august. we still have to get through the inspection & termite reports...so we'll go along with the inspector this week to take as-built measurements and begin working on drawings for the big renovation!