we got the appraisal report back, and the appraiser valued the house at $12k more than we are paying for it. that's a good thing because it means we can still get our loan approved, but it all evens out since that $12k difference is close to the same amount we got off the contract price of the house to put on a new roof and repair the damage to the sills around the perimeter.

our second CL-100 went better than the first. we were on-site while the guy crawled under the house, and he was under there for quite a while. he took some pictures and came out and explained the condition of the structure, which is not as bad as the previous CL-100 inspector (who didn't go under the house) led us to believe. essentially, the only repairs we have to make are those already described by our building inspector and that we've already gotten off the price of the house. we do have to ventilate the crawl space better and treat for active wood-borers, but those are easy remedies. there are no active termites or mold. phew.

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Mandy said...

Hey! It's Nestie mandybeth01 :)

Thought I would take a peek at your new "project"...what a great house! Can't wait to see how it progesses.