gah, i know all of you are probably tired of actually having to read things on this blog, and what you really want to see are pictures. well, no photos yet, but here's my first pass at the "ideal" renovation plan. this is probably too spendy though...

this plan adds a 2nd floor master suite above the existing 1-story addition, and changes that rear addition to a den/family room. the stair is changed, adding a loft upstairs and a powder room downstairs, expanding the kitchen - and many more windows! the ceilings are only about 8'-6" so i want to get more daylight in there so the spaces will feel bigger.

any thoughts/comments?

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Craig and said...

Hi! I love seeing your plans as I'm working on some for an addition to our house.
I have a question about what's behind the TV - is that a pantry with a water heater closet? You'd get more storage without the door there if you can ignore the WH ugliness. I also personally hate traffic through the kitchen and you might consider opening up the wall between the kitchen and dining room a little more (if it's not load bearing I guess). Or make the hallway on the dining room side of things. Otherwise, it looks great! I love the studio area!

Stacy (nestie Stacylu)