we have doors! yay! this morning we installed the four interior doors that we ordered. they have one coat of primer and we'll eventually paint them the same as the [future] trim.

coat closet -

laundry room -

upstairs [guest] bathroom -

powder room downstairs -

while we were in seattle we also picked up some house numbers at restoration hardware. they are a little oversized, maybe - but they really work with the style of the house.

so next on the list is to have the floors in the family room refinished (you can see their condition in the powder room photo above) along with having stair treads installed.



i just found out i've been tagged by bunnymendelbaum and by corey over at baltimore rowhouse. the rules: answer the following questions about yourself. at the end of the post you pass the questions on to 6 (or so) bloggers and list their names. then write them a comment telling them that they've been tagged and ask them to read your blog.

here goes...

1. what did you do 10 years ago? that would put me at the tender age of 20, and that summer between my sophomore and junior years of college i worked my first architecture job in one of those awful firms that just crank out infinite variations of house plans by tweaking a wall here or adding a room there and publishing them for the masses. sorry if that offends the masses and i know it has its place and value but it's not my thing. hardly 'architecture.'
oh, and i was also gearing up for a semester studying abroad in italy during my junior year!

2. five items on your to-do list today:
a. catch up on work email, correspondence & questions
b. unpack from my trip to seattle
c. do laundry
d. grocery shopping and cleaning out the fridge from 6 days of being away
e. go to bed early to get over this jetlag

3. snacks i enjoy: wasabi & soy almonds, apples w/ peanut butter, peanut butter m&ms

4. what would you do if you were a billionaire? pay off my student loans. that would just about do it. might buy a pack of gum with the rest.

5. places i would live: summer in italy, the rest of the year in charleston. what can i say - i love this place and can imagine few places better to live (except in the aforementioned summer).

6. bloggers i am passing the challenge on to are:
just one day
- sorry if any of you have already been tagged!


sorry i've been m.i.a. with the updates - we got back late last night from 6 days in seattle - and because i'm an architecture geek and this is an architecture-related blog, here are some of my favorite photos...

the hotel/conference center where we stayed (northwestern style architecture)...

pike place market -

the famous fish-throwing stall. i couldn't get any actual fish in the air though...

the seattle public library by rem koolhaas (oma)...

(i call this one "the womb")

clearly i don't have to tell you what this is...

(we got really lucky with the weather)

and gehry's experience music project...

seattle city hall by bohlin cywinski jackson...

dale chihuly chandelier in the benaroya symphony hall...

so, it will be back on the house work train this weekend.



we've come a long way, baby!

june 15 (happy father's day!)

november 14

scary. i can't believe we even did this.



a few more pics of the [near] final products...



we have a new door! dave and anthony installed it this morning!

just getting started...

lucy guarding the tools...

inside view -

cutting back the siding for the new trim...

trimmed out (still need a drip cap at the top)...

and with the primer coat of paint on the trim...

tomorrow we will fill the screw holes, caulk, and paint the trim.
(old door still on the front porch) -

and the shed is coming along as well!

and the four interior doors we ordered are in-house and ready to be painted.

it was a reeaaaaallllyyyy hot day today, so we're exhausted and our a/c is working overtime now to try to cool the house back down, but we're so happy with our new door. many thanks to new daddy dave for building it and helping us install it!



sweet! just got word that our doors are in - we can go pick them up and get them painted and hung! time to kick this party into gear. woo-hoo!



we installed the cork floor in our pantry today! it's a floating cork floor, so it didn't need any adhesive and just snapped in place. it has great cushion and is very soft underfoot. i think it looks great!

we'll get our floor guys to make a threshold -

we also put the roof on the shed this weekend. by "we" i mean anthony...

i helped a bit lifting the plywood up there and holding things, but anthony was the workhorse this weekend (along with his trusty honda)...

hopefully we can finish cladding the shed next weekend - and we just have to figure out what we're going to do for the door. it's going to be on barn door slider hardware like the pantry door.