*updated with more pictures*
sheetrock started wednesday and mudding & taping started monday...we have walls! it's actually starting to look like a place to live!

the family room/tv room: *click to view larger*

the master bedroom:

dining room:


living room/stair:

siding repair/replacement before and after:

view with second story addition visible at rear:

sheetrock should be complete by the end of the day thursday, and anthony and i will start tiling the bathroom & laundry room floors and refinishing the hardwoods this weekend. eek! wish us luck! i'm a little nervous having to DIY this stuff.


re:lief (again)

phew! we passed framing and insulation inspection first thing this morning! sheetrock starts today!



we have had some disappointing setbacks this week and it looks like we won't be getting sheetrock done and floors refinished by the end of the month, and therefore will not be able to move in.

we couldn't get our framing inspection until the plumbing, electrical and HVAC inspections passed. there was a delay on the electrical inspection, and that finally passed mid-week, so we requested our framing inspection. the framing inspection was friday and failed because they used the wrong hurricane ties, and because the inspections happen in the afternoon and you have to fax in a request for inspection before noon, that means we can't fax in our request until monday, which means they won't inspect until tuesday. then after framing we have to get an insulation inspection (huh?), the request for which also has to be faxed in by noon for inspection the following day. who knows when that inspection will occur with thanksgiving this week. and they can't start closing in the walls with sheetrock until all these inspections are passed. so, failing the framing inspection on a friday afternoon has set us back at least a week. *sigh*

so, now we will work to get in around mid-december.



*updated with more photos*
the windows have been delivered and started going in on wednesday! they are jeld-wen (norco) primed wood windows...

we have some ugly gaping holes in the house right now waiting for windows, but we're going through some b.s. with the city that held up our installers from making more progress on wednesday. we have a crew installing windows, another crew installing siding, and sheetrock is being delivered on thursday.

meanwhile, anthony and i have been working every night this week putting in insulation so the sheetrockers aren't held up.

hopefully things will start coming together now!



this weekend anthony and our friend david knocked out the wood floors in the master bedroom & closet, and the kitchen area.

they had to tear out the existing boards that lead through the new pass-through to the kitchen, because there was no way to feather them in -

- so we're going to have to try really hard to match the stain (maybe 2-3 coats on the new boards and one coat on the old boards).

meanwhile, i continued putting felt in the stud cavities (just as an extra something since we have no exterior sheathing)...

siding repair & new siding on the addition starts monday and windows arrive and start going in thursday morning! stay tuned for the transformation when we can see how much light we get in there!



we had a productive weekend! we rented a cargo van and drove to atlanta to go to ikea to purchase our kitchen cabinets. if you don't know about ikea, it's a modern scandinavian furniture & housewares retailer - but it's a big-box superstore like no other. we spent over five hours there, and came away with a full van! their kitchen cabinets come packed in flat boxes and obviously require assembly...but you save a lot of money as a result. (they also have a 25 year warranty.)

since we were heading to atlanta, i took the opportunity to check out craigslist atlanta, and found two pedestal sinks for cheap! we got this brand new kohler pedestal for $100 (ours has 3 holes for separate faucet & knobs) -

it will go in the powder room. and we got this slightly used pedestal sink with hardware for $30!

- a great find and the seller was super nice to bring it over to ikea for us as we were loading our cabinets into the van. the hardware will go great with the set i got for the clawfoot tub in the guest bath. so, after all this, our house is filling up like a storehouse.

we also got a lot done at the house. anthony worked on removing some more of the aluminum siding - it's down from the entire first floor now, including the rear addition -

but taking it down revealed some smoke/fire damage so we'll probably have to re-side this area -

and i worked on the inside filling holes & cracks in the siding with 'great stuff' and then lining the inside of the siding with felt - just for an extra barrier since the old part of the house doesn't have sheathing.

as far as the rest of the subs go, the electrical rough-in is 60% complete, and they'll come back to finish after we get sheetrock up. the new hvac is about 90% in, but they won't test and balance the system until we get the house dried-in with floors, windows & sheetrock and the dust is cleared. (we're waiting on windows before we can put sheetrock up.) and the plumbing rough-in is complete and passed inspection...here's our master bath shower -

and lucy got to spend her first weekend at the house and she had a great time!