this weekend anthony and our friend david knocked out the wood floors in the master bedroom & closet, and the kitchen area.

they had to tear out the existing boards that lead through the new pass-through to the kitchen, because there was no way to feather them in -

- so we're going to have to try really hard to match the stain (maybe 2-3 coats on the new boards and one coat on the old boards).

meanwhile, i continued putting felt in the stud cavities (just as an extra something since we have no exterior sheathing)...

siding repair & new siding on the addition starts monday and windows arrive and start going in thursday morning! stay tuned for the transformation when we can see how much light we get in there!


Anonymous said...

You two, and your friends, amaze me with the work you do. It's looking great and I'm sure you're both anxious and excited to "get er done."

Mom C

Anonymous said...

Nice looking floors!