*updated with more pictures*
sheetrock started wednesday and mudding & taping started monday...we have walls! it's actually starting to look like a place to live!

the family room/tv room: *click to view larger*

the master bedroom:

dining room:


living room/stair:

siding repair/replacement before and after:

view with second story addition visible at rear:

sheetrock should be complete by the end of the day thursday, and anthony and i will start tiling the bathroom & laundry room floors and refinishing the hardwoods this weekend. eek! wish us luck! i'm a little nervous having to DIY this stuff.


ciaobellon said...

You guys are totally rocking it! I'm so impressed at your progress. I'm assuming you have all of your electrical fixtures on order by now? We had some that were on backorder for months.

sandra said...

psha! electrical fixtures?! who needs electrical fixtures?

ciaobellon said...

Ha! That's true...candlelight is so romantic for you newlyweds...!

Hey, we have an extra 5 gallon bucket of white primer if y'all need it. Oh, and I think some random lumber as well.