our hvac sub talked to the building inspector and we will be allowed to put the new ductwork in the crawl space! phew! we were really stressing about having to tunnel through the house to find room for ducts. the new hvac starts going in today.



i just ordered this package to convert our clawfoot tub to a shower...

these things are much more expensive than we expected! i'm amazed at how little the big things cost and how much the little things cost. but we have to get one bathroom functioning before we move in, and that bathroom has to be the guest bathroom because there's no way we're getting our master bathroom & shower tiled before the end of next month. we just need to have the clawfoot tub reglazed now.

more news to report from the hvac sub. apparently the city just started enforcing no ductwork below flood elevation, and our first floor structure is just above flood, so there probably isn't room to put the ductwork in the crawl space - where it was before (crawl space serves first floor and attic serves second floor). so now it looks like we're going to have to put it between the first and second floors to serve the first floor - and will have to box out a tray ceiling in the dining room and a couple other box-outs to carry the ductwork. that also means we'll have to try to fill in the wood floor where the former registers were located. super!

anyway, the electrical wiring is complete, and they'll come back to finish up after we get sheetrock up. plumbing rough-in started today, and hvac starts next week.



this weekend we rebuilt the hvac platform out back, as it had to be demolished to put in the foundation, and it wasn't very structurally sound to begin with. we haven't put the floor boards on yet, but here are our process photos:

and a picture of our ghetto-fabulous house:

the framers covered all the openings of the addition with felt just to protect the inside from rain until the windows come in and we get siding up. all the rest of the openings around the house are covered with plywood, so overall the house is looking pretty much like a crack-den for the time being!



we ordered the windows yesterday! we're going with jeld-wen (norco) wood windows, 3-over-1s like in our elevation dwgs. they should arrive by november 14! we had to lose the window in the laundry room because it's too close to the electrical weatherhead bringing the electrical wires from the street to the house. and we went with one pair of operable french doors in the family room and one fixed pair - we still get the same look but greater functionality of the space and a lower cost.

i'll update with current house photos later today. the framing is complete (including sheathing and papering the addition), the new foundation is in, the roof is shingled on the addition, and they've covered all the windows with plywood to keep rain and intruders out until the new windows get here.

we've been planning our ikea kitchen and hoping to make a trip to atlanta to buy the kitchen components around november 1-2. we're leaning towards the akurum/adel white style to keep the smallish kitchen bright and airy and have a little modern-craftsman/shaker style:

...and we've picked out appliances and will order those in a few weeks. we're leaning towards white (granite or oh-how-i-would-love-marble) countertops, like this -

(image from Martha Stewart)

...but we may also go with a black countertop in granite, soapstone or paperstone (a green product).



the framers have almost all of the rooms framed and have just a few more openings and walls to frame in.

our 2nd floor 16'x16' master bedroom -

the master bath on the left and the closet on the right -

and our laundry room at the top of the stairs -

we get more and more excited as the new house takes shape! the plan is for the framers to finish up this week and the plumber and electrician to start (and hopefully finish) next week.



gooood stuff! hooray for our framing crew! (click to view larger)

from the front door -

in the living room -

the new family room with future french doors -

the loft (standing on the new stair landing) -

and the master bedroom!

here are the outside views...

we're hitting a few snags, but framing should be complete by the middle of next week!


not too much progress to report from wednesday because the lumber company delivered our materials at the end of the day instead of the beginning of the day as promised, and then it was discovered that they delivered some of the wrong size material. super!



the progress tuesday wasn't as staggering as monday, because we're waiting for materials to be delivered, but they are doing what they can.

here's a montage of the living room from the front door:

the studs to the immediate left are temporary just to hold up the floor until they get the new structure in there. but you can see the new stair landing and you can see the stringers they've cut lying on the floor. ahead to the right is the dining room, which we are upgrading from a single window to a triple window, and straight ahead through the new "hall" will be the kitchen (coat closet under the stairs).

and look - a skylight!

stay tuned!



wow. i am amazed and so excited at the transformation already after one day of framing and demo. it looks bigger and more open already! *really wishing i had a wideangle lens*

from the living room looking towards the new stair wall (and where the old stair used to be)...

from the front door looking towards the new open hall to the kitchen (formerly the stair):

where they've cut the floor for the new stair (loft above)...

new header for triple window in the dining room!

from the bottom of the new future stair looking up the exterior wall -

demo at the rear wall of the house where we need to add a concrete foundation (none currently exists)...

it's so cool! i'll probably have progress pics to post every night, so stay tuned! i think the new stair is going in tomorrow! here's another exclamation point for you!


the HVAC guys demo'ed out all of our old ductwork, air handlers and condensers on friday (which kind of sucks since it's supposed to be 90 today thru wednesday)...

and we spent the weekend getting the house ready for the framers to start.

so, framing is starting today. i think they are starting on the stair, which will involve bracing the 2nd floor and demo'ing the old stair first. stay tuned for big changes!



so, the weather is delaying our framer and HVAC subs. it rained all day yesterday (wednesday) and you can see above what's coming. hopefully i'll have some progress to report soon.