we couldn't find any 5-panel doors at the salvage yard (i guess no one is getting rid of them), so i just placed an order for four new flat panel 5-panel doors.

i would have liked to have ordered all the doors we need now, but the budget won't allow for that. we're getting pre-hung doors, so we don't have to deal with jambs and machining the doors for hinges and knobs. we are getting oil-rubbed bronze hinges and we'll be painting the doors white to match all of our [future] trim.

unfortunately we have to wait 6-8 weeks for them to come in, but my mom will be happy we're on our way to finally getting doors on the bathrooms, at least. she's not going to come visit until we have doors. hmm, maybe we should have held off on ordering them.... (ha! kidding!)



anthony finished up the majority of the deck on saturday, and we spent the weekend entertaining guests for cookouts!

it's so nice, especially with the pecan tree leafing out and giving us some dappled shade. now that the painters are done we'll start some landscaping projects soon - before it gets too hot.

we still have to build two small steps - one from the ground to the first platform and one between the platform and the deck, and then just close in the bottom with 1x4s and seal the whole thing. but it's enjoyable now as-is!



this week anthony and i worked on staining the front door that our friend david has built for us. it's now ready to install the lockset and glass and we're hoping to have it hung in the next week or so!

and our painters are almost complete! we're very happy with how the house has turned out and now we don't have to worry every time it rains. the house has so much more character and personality now - we love it!



ta-da! the final look!

it's not complete - not all of the windows are painted yet, and they still need to do a 2nd coat on everything. i love it! (we've told them to hold off on the railing and porch floor, which both need to be replaced.) can't wait to get the new front door to complete the picture!



i've picked out the tile for the master bath shower! it's so fresh & clean, i love it!

this is called china blend by a glass tile company called hakatai - and it's actually very reasonably priced at $5.29 per sheet (1 sheet is 1.15 square feet - so that's $4.60 per square foot!). i love the top pictures and would like to go with coloring along those lines - walnut, slate, teak - but our bathroom is more like the size of the bottom pic. not quite that small - we will be able to have a 4' wide vanity. we will have a frameless glass shower door, and i'm looking at lacava for vanities but am trying to find a similar source that's a little less expensive. any recs? i'm going for the spa-like master bath. dreamy!



surprise! look what i got to come home to today!

this is just a tinted primer coat and the house looks better already! it's finally starting to look like a house in good condition!

so, by the way - we're going with the renwick olive and the bronze windows. stay tuned to see how it comes out!



sorry i've been mia with the updates. the past couple of weekends we've been working on interior painting. here's the color palette for upstairs -

the colors are all by sherwin williams - fenland on top right for our master bedroom, netsuke on top left for the front guest bedroom, requisite gray is the hall & loft color, lemongrass at middle left is the guest bathroom and laundry room color, snowbound is the trim color, and on the bottom is backdrop, the middle guest bedroom color. and here are some pics of the messy rooms -

SW fenland:

SW backdrop:

SW netsuke:

we've also worked on installing the deck boards on the deck -

we still have to do the stairs, the perimeter skirt boards and the screening boards around the bottom, but at least we don't have to jump out the back door now!

we have hired the painter for the exterior, but we've had several days of rain so he's had a hard time getting started. he should get the ball rolling on monday. i'll keep you in suspense about the final decision on the paint color...