anthony finished up the majority of the deck on saturday, and we spent the weekend entertaining guests for cookouts!

it's so nice, especially with the pecan tree leafing out and giving us some dappled shade. now that the painters are done we'll start some landscaping projects soon - before it gets too hot.

we still have to build two small steps - one from the ground to the first platform and one between the platform and the deck, and then just close in the bottom with 1x4s and seal the whole thing. but it's enjoyable now as-is!


Wanderluster said...

That is gorgeous - oh, I have major deck-envy!

BunnyMendelbaum said...

That looks great!

Jennifer said...

Looks awesome! I love your rockers... I SO have to get our rockers sanded down and painted!

Hallie&Joe said...

Wow I love it. Completely gorgeous!