i've picked out the tile for the master bath shower! it's so fresh & clean, i love it!

this is called china blend by a glass tile company called hakatai - and it's actually very reasonably priced at $5.29 per sheet (1 sheet is 1.15 square feet - so that's $4.60 per square foot!). i love the top pictures and would like to go with coloring along those lines - walnut, slate, teak - but our bathroom is more like the size of the bottom pic. not quite that small - we will be able to have a 4' wide vanity. we will have a frameless glass shower door, and i'm looking at lacava for vanities but am trying to find a similar source that's a little less expensive. any recs? i'm going for the spa-like master bath. dreamy!


Dale said...

That is a GREAT looking bathroom. Very clean and sleek. Very nice.

Gledwood said...

i'd love to have a little room like that


butimeanwell said...

I wasn't thrilled with their quality, but you might want to look into IKEA's Hollviken or Ann sinks, with the Freden or Stenskar base.

Just discovered your blog - fabulous.

ciaobellon said...

Vanities are tough. Decolav makes a great sink but their vanities may be pricey too. You may be able to find a nice sink then make something cool for the base?

Tile looks great! Nice pick!

Corey said...

Love the look!

Hopefully the tile is mesh backed as opposed to paper faced - much easier to install. I ended up getting paper faced from http://www.mosaictilesupplies.com/, and getting all the paper and adhesive off the tile was a major endeavor. If you don't all the adhesive off before grouting, there will be a lot of tile scraping with a razor blade.

For vanities I'm also having trouble finding decent ones on a budget, so I feel your pain.