sorry i've been mia with the updates. the past couple of weekends we've been working on interior painting. here's the color palette for upstairs -

the colors are all by sherwin williams - fenland on top right for our master bedroom, netsuke on top left for the front guest bedroom, requisite gray is the hall & loft color, lemongrass at middle left is the guest bathroom and laundry room color, snowbound is the trim color, and on the bottom is backdrop, the middle guest bedroom color. and here are some pics of the messy rooms -

SW fenland:

SW backdrop:

SW netsuke:

we've also worked on installing the deck boards on the deck -

we still have to do the stairs, the perimeter skirt boards and the screening boards around the bottom, but at least we don't have to jump out the back door now!

we have hired the painter for the exterior, but we've had several days of rain so he's had a hard time getting started. he should get the ball rolling on monday. i'll keep you in suspense about the final decision on the paint color...


Jennifer said...

I love the color choices!

I'm so envious of your deck... I can't wait to have one!

designermom said...

I loved you color choices. I'm about to do Amazing Gray in a couple rooms and am using "snowbound" for the trim. What color did you do on the ceilings?