hooray for photoshop! let's hear your votes on these paint schemes...
now down to three options:

renwick olive - bronze windows:

renwick olive - red windows:

connected gray - bronze windows:

connected gray - red windows:

brown siding - bronze windows:

brown siding - red/orange windows:

here are some of the photos i've been using for inspiration - from bunnymendelbaum and the houseblogs flickr pool...

who knew this would be such a difficult decision??!!


Anonymous said...

No harder decision exists! I think choosing an exterior color palette is the hardest thing we had to do ever- it is such a HUGE commitment and an outward referendum (like it or not)on the owner's personality. Complicated by the politics of stealing other people's colors around you make it almost impossible. Then the way that the colors change once they are up and the trees leaf out, you are constantly second guessing. A little color goes a long way, so I like the less green green you have (not avocado). If you are a quirky person, pick the orangey trim. I think the bronze color will pop enough, then the alabaster trim. In you case, I would paint the same green above and below, unless your 2 body colors are really close or the siding material is different above vs. below (i.e. shakes vs laps). Can't wait to see it done!

Liz said...

Olive with bronze windows!

ciaobellon said...

My vote is for the olive with either bronze or red. I kinda like the idea of the red, but your right, it did appear orangey on my screen. The trim color will be a cream right? I don't think you should go too white with this warm-ish palette.

Do you have any base (stucco/cmu) colors to consider?

Alicia said...

i LOVE the gray/red combo!

Michelle said...

My vote is the olive/bronze combo. LOVE it!