we had our first overnight guests this weekend for easter (anthony's parents), so we worked to make the house as comfortable as a house can be without any interior doors...

using some of our construction paraphernalia for decor -

some of our recent ikea purchases -

the new kitchen was in full effect for easter dinner (setting off the smoke detectors on preheating the oven for the first time - that was fun).

love this view through the dining room -

we got the pantry functional just in time for the first big meal too -

anthony's parents brought down this very cool vintage radio that was in their attic -

love it! as far as house projects go, anthony framed the deck last weekend, so next up are decking and stairs...

and we put up yet another paint sample - renwick olive - bottom center of the window.

and the close up - renwick olive above the avocado. i'll have to try another photo at a different time of day, maybe. what do all you avocado lovers think of renwick olive? its more earthy, i think. not as punchy. avocado on the entire house might be too much green.

i'm happy to hear any comments or recommendations you may have!


Liz said...

I loved the avocado but love the olive more. I think it is a great color and agree that it is a little more earthy. I think that would go great with the white trim and bronze windows. Can't wait to see what you guys decide.

Thanks for the updates. I love following your progress.

KTS said...

Tough vote, but when picturing the entire house I'm leaning toward the Olive. Pls keep in mind that i totally play it color-safe. :)

I LOVE how the kitchen turned out and you're right -- that photo through the dining room is so editorial!

BunnyMendelbaum said...

I love the olive! Would the whole house be one color then? (except trim & windows of course)

The kitchen looks great too!

(btw, I paged you on the N)

ciaobellon said...

I like the avocado, but you can't go wrong with either. I really think the green, brown, cream combo is a winner.

The kitchen looks fabulous!!! We "tested" our smoke alarms the same way -- during a small dinner party. At least you know they work?!

Keep up the great progress. You will be sitting on that rear deck sippin' margaritas in no time!