A couple weeks ago we tiled the master bath with some Vermont black slate that we ordered through Dal-Tile.

First we dry-fit and laid a mortar bed for the cement backerboard.

And then screwed it down with cement screws -

Then we used a wet saw to cut and dry-fit the tile using tile spacers -

Then mixed some more mortar and laid the tile...
(This is Anthony putting mesh tape over the joints in the backerboard.)

Next up was grouting the joints, after the tile had set up for a couple of days...

And sponging off the excess grout -

I'll post a final picture later - we still need to add another application of grout to the joints, since the slate isn't as smooth and flat as other tile.

And then a hand-me-down light fixture turned into a bigger project...

Some friends gave us a pretty capiz shell chandelier, which we thought would be perfect for our living room, which has had an empty junction box since we moved in. But before we could hang the fixture, we had to paint the ceiling in the living room, so we moved all the furniture out of the room and into the dining room...

But then, since we had all the furniture out of the room, we decided we might as well finish the rest of the room, so we finished caulking all the baseboards and then painted all the windows, trim and fireplace...

So now we've decided to take one room at a time, and finish everything in the room. It's less daunting to have smaller milestones...



we've been busy! to get the guest rooms ready for upcoming guests and potential future roommates, we reused the french doors that were formerly in the dining room, and added some privacy film to the glass -

i like that it still allows light into the hallway from the two guest bedrooms.

we've also been very productive on trim work. nearly every room is complete with window & door trim, baseboards, shoe mould and quarter round! a few pics -

we have some caulking and lots of painting left to complete on the trim and windows...so we'll continue to be productive, though without drastically noticeable results. i'll update again as soon as i can!