we've been busy! to get the guest rooms ready for upcoming guests and potential future roommates, we reused the french doors that were formerly in the dining room, and added some privacy film to the glass -

i like that it still allows light into the hallway from the two guest bedrooms.

we've also been very productive on trim work. nearly every room is complete with window & door trim, baseboards, shoe mould and quarter round! a few pics -

we have some caulking and lots of painting left to complete on the trim and windows...so we'll continue to be productive, though without drastically noticeable results. i'll update again as soon as i can!


Amanda said...

It looks great! Trim work is such a long arduous process but really makes for a finished look. I also really love the color of the room in your first picture... what color is it?

sandra said...

Amanda, the color is Sherwin Williams Backdrop. Thanks for the comment!

Megs said...

I was just going to pop in to ask about the color in the first room too! lol It really is gorgeous and the doors look fantastic.

linda said...

Thanks for the tips!!
loved you blog!