and the winner is....

colorado gold vein! (this is our actual slab!) it's stunning! i am absolutely giddy over the deal i just got, but don't want to jinx it so i'll spill the details after this puppy is installed.

funny thing - i got pricing on several different varieties of white marble from four different local dealers/installers, and in every case the domestic varieties were more expensive than the international varieties (imported from italy & greece). how does that happen?

anyway...i can't stop looking at this picture. it's dreamy...

not-so-dreamy update:
apparently that slab above had some "unsightly scratches" so now this is our slab:

not quite as nice, but still pretty.

update #2:
they ordered that dreamy first slab before they found out about the marks in it, and couldn't cancel so it arrived in charleston today. i went to check it out - and i'm working on trying to embrace imperfection, so i approved the slab. most of the marks will diminish with the honing process, and they said they'll work to locate them where they'll be minimally noticeable. they said they could rush another slab from atlanta, and their supplier sent pictures of two others for me to choose from, but none were as soft and pretty as the first one. so, we're back to that, and i'm ok with a few minimal scratches. it's going to happen eventually anyway.

as far as the deal, we're under contract and we've paid our deposit so they can't take it away from me now. ;) the two other quotes i got for colorado gold vein were for $135/sf and $6400 installed (we have about 42sf total counting the backsplash). in other words, it wasn't even an option - i was going to go with the carrara or alabama white - until we got our 4th quote. the installer we went with quoted all of the marbles below (except statuary) at the same price - and it's less than half of those first two quotes. yay for architects discounts!

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BunnyMendelbaum said...

Hey, I paged you on the N D&R about this.

I'm GREEN with envy!