i am so in love with the idea of white marble countertops. i know they will be more high maintenance, and we'll have to be sure to clean up spills quickly, but i like the idea of the patina that will show as the kitchen gets lived in. it's like a bar top in italy - so classic but modern at the same time, and still beautiful after decades of use.

these are the varieties of marble we're deciding between right now (not these actual slabs) - depending on pricing and availability. what's your favorite stone?

alabama white:

colorado gold vein:



white carrera:


you can click here to see some my inspiration pics of white cabinets with white marble countertops.


Alicia said...

I like the volakas! It sounds like a Greek dessert. And I think something that is more veiny may look too busy with the chalkboard wall.

Green Fairy said...

I love both the white carrera and the venetino because of the veins. I'm debating about using white myself, because so few people in my area are and it might make my small kitchen seem larger.