so, chalkboards are great for lists, right? i thought it would be cool to make a list of all the things we still have to do on the house, so we can feel a sense of accomplishment when we can cross something off the list. well, things got a little out of control. seriously.

(click to view the list in all its depressing, discouraging, money-hemorrhaging glory):

that said, we did make minor progress this weekend, taking care of a little sheetrock work needed around the stair and anthony finished installing some exterior lights in the back.

(with flash):

(without flash):

p.s. thanks to alicia for the best idea for post-naming!


Jen said...

Thanks for your comment on our ThirteenEleven, I love the blue in your dining room. I linked RE:HABitat on the site.

ciaobellon said...

You guys are making progress! I haven't been to your blog since the new year! I will have to say, Sandra, that your list appears to be a "master list." If you want to be able to mark stuff off, you really have to write down more specific tasks that you can finish in say, one weekend. I would suggest dividing your board into two...master list on the left and your weekly/weekend to do list on the right. It will all amazingly go away (eventually)!!

One thing I didn't see one your list: Hardware.

Keep it going! It is looking great!