this weekend we commenced work on the new deck in the backyard, off the family room. anthony dug some holes and put some gravel in the bottom, and we mixed some concrete to pour some footings.

and, for the past several weeks, our friend dave has been working on a new front door for us to replace our cheap hollow-core aluminum front door. he and anthony fit in a few hours working on it here and there, and anthony helps out as best he can, but dave's doing a really nice thing for us.

the door is mahogany with a single panel on the bottom, and the top will have 3 lites of glass to match our windows. it should be ready to be hung in a few weeks or so.

it's great having friends who are handy (or woodworkers, in dave's case) and who are also doing renovation projects, so we can take turns working on each others' houses. dave recently finished building a garage and is getting ready to start an addition on his house. we'll be paying him back for our door soon enough... :)


BunnyMendelbaum said...

Your door is going to be great!

Jenni said...

Extra nice since it was hand made by a friend. I like the titles of each of your posts. pretty creative.