anthony and i spent the weekend tiling! it went really well! we completed both the laundry room and guest bathroom.

first we troweled a thin bed of mortar to lay the durock (cement backerboard for the tile)...

then we used cement screws to help attach the durock to the subfloor...

after all the durock was down, we put fiberglass mesh tape over the seams, then laid out the tile to dry-fit it and cut any pieces that needed cutting...

next, thin-set mortar and laying tile:

the tile is called "windmill" and came in 12x24" sheets, with the individual tiles attached on the underside with a tab of glue or something.

smearing grout into the spaces (we went with "pewter" grout)...

sponging off the excess grout -

ta-da! our beautiful new bathroom floor!

we have to wait two days for the grout to cure before we can seal it.
then ready for our tub, toilet & pedestal sink!

i'm so excited and proud of our handiwork this weekend!

this is actually quite physical work - i'm rather sore this evening...my back hurts, my legs are sore, my hands are sore, my shoulders are sore. i also have a lovely blister on my hand from troweling.

can't wait to get a working bathroom!


BunnyMendelbaum said...

Looks GREAT! Good job!

ciaobellon said...

Gorgeous floor! You guys will be in in no time!

By the way, Sandra did ALL of this and brought yummy homemade squash casserole to a Christmas party. You go girl!