saturday was move-in day!
thanks to my boss, we had professional movers and didn't have to bother all of our friends. they got it done in 4 1/2 hours!

(yes, there will be a railing here one day)

we needed to get some closet organizers before we could move our hanging clothes, so we got this nifty package from lowe's and installed it saturday night -

welcome home kiddies! mama missed you...

we covered the floors with paper to help protect them from the movers, and for the next task: paint. we will also work on assembling & installing the kitchen cabinets. we can't really unpack until the walls are painted and the kitchen cabinets installed, so we can set furniture and put things away.


ciaobellon said...

You know, you guys COULD leave the gyp bd unpainted -- a move Koolhaas did at the ITT Student Center. Seeing that green color of the moisture resistant bd in your bathroom made me think of it.

sandra said...

Hmm. I was kind of digging the hospital-scrubs green!