we received our refrigerator last night! what an ordeal it was for the whirlpool delivery guys to get the semi-truck down our street; i think it took them 30 minutes to travel the last block to the front of our house, having to navigate around low-hanging tree limbs and cable lines crossing the street.

anyway, here it is...alone in the middle of our future kitchen -

and now that we're living in this construction zone, it's hard to get away from working on something, so we've begun the sucky task of priming every single wall and ceiling in the house. this is going to be a long process...

anthony has the fun and instantly-gratifying job of rolling, while i have the boring and tedious job of brushing in the corners and around fixtures. and i'll admit i don't know what the goal of the primer coat is - what sort of coverage should we be going for? should it be a solid white coat, or is a thinner/translucent coat sufficient? are we talking granny's-cotton-panties coverage or sheer-bikini coverage? if you know, help me out here.


ciaobellon said...

Hmmm...while JT brought sexy back and the sheer bikini sure sounds sexy, I think you will want to make sure a decent coat of primer covers the drywall. It is about coverage, color-wise, but it is also making sure the drywall compound & paper of the gyp bd is sufficiently covered. When you apply the finish paint color over non-primed surfaces or insufficiently primed surfaces, you can see the difference when light hits those spots.

Have y'all thought about renting a sprayer & spraying the primer? This might save your paint trimming patience and your arm for the more important finish coats. You would be able to spray the ceilings & walls at the same time, and perhaps even the trim too (depending on your primer). Just in thinking ahead, your trim will probably take 3 coats of finish paint. Since you all are running the trim yourselves, I would recommend priming it before nailing it in place (but you & A may have figured that out already).

A Sherwin-Williams rep told me a couple of months ago that the price of oil-based paint was going to increase at the first of the year, FYI if you are using that for your trim.

Painting our house was -- by far -- the most difficult and challenging aspect of finishing out the house. And while we initially hired professionals to do it, we ended up doing a lot of the interiors ourselves. It sounds like you don't have a lot of prep work to do, which is great -- prep work is 75% of painting.

One other thing you could do is to have a painting party. Invite some friends over, have some beer, and paint.


sandra said...

michelle, i want to thank you for being an active contributor to this blog. you keep me going girl!