it strikes me as odd that toilets are so cheap for how important they are. i mean, you can't live without a toilet. but i can get this toilet -

with "class five extraordinary bulk flushing power" (lol) for only $200 at lowe's. seriously, think about it. these things are made out of porcelain or china or whatever. people spend $200 on a place setting of china. a toilet is a lot bigger and more necessary than a plate and a mug. you'd think they would charge more, because people need toilets. it doesn't matter how much it costs - if you don't have one, you have to buy one.

anyway, i'm glad they're not more expensive! i got a couple good, powerful toilets (for the powder room and guest bath) - and these babies aren't going to leave any surprises behind. these are no low-flow toilets, let me assure you. that would not be pleasant with anthony living in the house... ha ha

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