oh boy. we got the CL-100 today. for one, the guy didn't even go into the crawl space, but just poked his head in and looked around with a flashlight - because it was too wet. nice. i'm feeling really good about his findings. he reported no visible evidence of wood-destroying insects, while our inspector found visible evidence of previous wood borer damage....

if you'll refer to the photo of the house below, you'll see that the entire crawl space is enclosed with bricks. that means it's getting no ventilation, so there's excessive moisture under there. very excessive. the CL-100 guy reports active and inactive wood-destroying fungi. i'm not sure, but does that mean mold? just from looking at the wood, he reported >28% moisture content in the wood - which is very bad. it's hard to know the extent of how bad it is - since he didn't get moisture readings from multiple locations under the house, but worst case scenario it means having to replace/repair the entire floor structure & subfloor. for certain, if we go through with buying this house - we'll have to remove the infill brick between the piers to let that crawl space ventilate so everything can dry out.

i think we'll have to get a contractor and/or a structural engineer out there to look at it.

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