the neighborhood cats are multiplying (our neighbor feeds them, so does that make them her cats or neighborhood cats, if they stay outside and wander?). anyway, one of them has had kittens. the momma has been moving them around and today they showed up on the side of our house. they're sooo cute! any locals want a kitten?

i'm guessing these little guys are maybe 4 weeks old? we've agreed with our neighbors on the other side that if they don't get a home we'll go in together to get them fixed (since i think the old lady that feeds them can't afford to or doesn't care to, apparently). i'd like to take them to the shelter so i know they're getting fed well enough and cared for medically. or hopefully we can find a home for them!


Jennifer said...

Good for you for thinking about getting them fixed!!!! So important. Is there a low cost spay place near you? Out here, there is a traveling clinic that does the spay AND the shots for $10.

Jenni said...

They are so cute.

Dr. Erin and Mr. Heath said...

That breaks my heart. I hate seeing homeless animals. Good for you on getting them spayed! My dream would be to open up a no kill shelter or a "farm" for strays. If I lived closer, I'd take a kitty!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Oh my gosh, my husband is so lucky I am not a "local" I'd be well on my way to my 4th cat. And that's just not right!

ciaobellon said...

Anyone remember the song: "Here kitty kitty, here kitty kitty kit-TAY! Awww....kitty kitty!"

I know, totally random, but that's the beauty of a blog.

Somebody take those kitties! They are too cute!!!!

I would, but unfortunately, am allergic. And my dog HATES cats. Oh well.

mikeandmcgee said...

Call around and check with the local Humane Society and vet clinics. Many animal shelters offer vouchers for low cost spay/neuter procedures if you use a particular vet. We had a similar situation in Oklahoma when we were renovating a foursquare - a feral cat gave birth under our shed and left two kittens as wedding presents for us. :)