demo day 1!
we pulled up the carpet & pad, began stripping wallpaper (revealing some surprises on the walls, much to my dismay), and the kitchen is gone! i like it better already!

bye bye carpet!

stripping wallpaper:

kitchen in progress:
(anthony took care of this one, because it was so gross that i couldn't bear to be in there)


kitchen complete:

the dumpster at the end of day 1:


Josh said...

The best part about demo that day was the hidden pan of liquid underneath the refrigerator. Unbeknownst to Anthony and the hired help, when the refrigerator was moved a clear/dark/smelly/chunky liquid was revealed under the fridge. It was a wonderful site. I believe it was bottled on site and was reserved to be reopened at completion of the renovation.

Tyler said...

I appreciate the hopeful links to Hope's Windows and Ann Sacks tile...buy all the fun stuff NOW!