soooo...it turns out we have no footings under the existing rear addition. seriously - the combination brick-and-block piers are sitting right on the ground. great! we had a structural engineer out to the house this morning to talk about options for reinforcing the structure so that we can still do the 2nd story addition. there are options (short of tearing down the back of the house and starting over), so that's good. it's going to take some more time and more money to get it taken care of though, so it's under debate...

we have gone back and forth on doing the addition or not, and basically it comes down to the decision of whether we want this house to be a long-term house for us or not. if we can't do the addition, we'll just fix it up and sell it (with only 1 1/2 baths and teeny closets and no room to expand, it wouldn't be a good long-term house). if we do want it to be a long-term house, then we have to commit the time and money to make it so. we're doing lots of fighting - er, talking - about it so we should be moving forward soon. just another hurdle!

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shane k said...

wouldn't be much of a race without any hurdles. keep up the good work.