day one, and we've gotten the first big expenditure out of the way! mr. pest manager dexter is sending his guys out saturday to start us on termite prevention service, treat the first floor substructure for powder post beetles, remove the wood debris from the crawl space and lay a polyethylene vapor barrier. dexter's hookin' us up.

and without further ado, here are some pics:

*p.s. that tree in the right-of-way between the sidewalk and the street is coming down...it's sick with Formosan termites.

um, yeah...

pecan tree in the backyard:

bye bye funky stair...

and blood red carpet was in style when???...

gross kitchen:

wood paneling is coming back, right? right?

the house of many wallpapers...

weird whitewashed-looking fake wood paneling:

and this makes me happy:

the wood floors under the carpet are in great shape! they just need a good sanding. *phew*
now this blog will get juicy!

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ciaobellon said...

Congratulations!! Now the fun begins. Red carpet was definitely a trend -- we had it in our house, and it actually just came out a few nights ago (it was protecting an interior stair). Which also makes me comment...the demo never really ends. Good thing you like to demo too! I found the flat bar to be the most useful, along with nail pullers, of course.

As for wall paper...ahh, another popular trend. We were able to get most of our layers off, but a really good skim coat will cover those last numerous bits of paper & adhesive that want to linger....

I'm very excited for you guys! This will be a great project.