i love books! love reading them, love being surrounded by them, love libraries, love bookstores. so, we decided to get these billy bookcases from ikea to make our den look and feel more homey, lived in, and loved. :)

this room still needs work, but this goes a long way towards the feel of the space. now i just love this room! one day these shelves will be completely full of books. :)

as you'll see, we left precisely enough room to the left of the unit to add one more of the single-wide bookcases at a later date to fill the entire wall.

window caulking & painting remains in progress.

happy thanksgiving!


ciaobellon said...

Great fit for that wall in that room! The shelving units scale nicely. I know it is nice having a place to put your library, special mementos, etc.

Groovy Grover said...

I love those shelving units. They are so clean looking