i know, i know... it's been a while. we took the winter off. i guess when you gogogo for a year-plus, you get burned out.

in the meantime, i have started studying for my architectural registration exams. i'm jumping into the deep end and starting with structures, and my brain finds the material to be like an alien intruder or foreign object and is fighting to keep it out. but i digress...

we're finally ready to get going on the house projects again. the big projects (especially the master bathroom) are going to have to wait for proper funds, but we can do some small stuff. like the trim... check out this nifty drawing my awesome architect-husband did:

it's a color-coded trim take-off for finishing out the rest of our baseboards and door & window trim! we need four more 5'x12' sheets of mdf to rip down. time to get back on the wagon!


Kristen said...

Your house is beautiful! I am thinking of using the color "alpaca" in my house as well. Did you still like it after awhile? Also, what color did you use for ceilings and trim with it?
Thanks for your help!

us said...

I feel you - we are right there with you. Bloggin less and taking a breather. I has to happen sometime! But don't stop for good -
love seeing the progress!