merry christmas!

so, i suppose my lack of posts over the last 2+ months indicates that we haven't done much on the house front. it's a recession, ya'll! we're supposed to be saving up for the next big thing - namely the stair & loft railing or the master bathroom, but between weddings, the holidays and the occasional $200 used-furniture purchase, we're getting nowhere.

so, to satiate your need for pics, i'll post our holiday decorations and furniture finds!

this is a simple holiday wreath i made with our christmas tree clippings and a few glass ball ornaments -

we have some modern christmas decorations in our modern living room -

and our traditional christmas tree is in the den -

we put up some of anthony's sketches from italy in the dining room, along with a few other frames with just placeholders so far -

table found at an antique shop ($190) being used as a kitchen 'island' -

dresser found thru craigslist ($40) and chair found at an antique shop ($70) in one of the guest rooms -

bedside table found thru craigslist ($15), currently being used as a side table in our den -

i hope in the spring we can make some progress on our other major house projects. in the meantime, we should be painting the window sashes on the interior and continuing with baseboards and door/window casings....


Jenni said...

Great furniture finds.
And....Have I told you how much I LOVE your door.

dana said...

I've been following your blog for a while, and I'm in love with everything you've done. Everything! You've got such a strong vision for your beautiful home! I need your help! Could you puhlease tell me which model of Ikea cabinet you used? We're not quite to the point of installation yet, but with the opening of the new Charlotte store, we're going to be ready soon. Any help would certainly be appreciated!


Anonymous said...

I was broke when I restored my 1930 Dutch Colonial in FLorida. When I had money I bought things when I didn't I did the labor intensive stuff such as stripping woodwork. House looks great!

sandra said...

dana, thanks so much! the kitchen cabinets are the akurum box with adel white doors.

i can't wait for the charlotte store to open - that means we only have to drive 3 hours instead of 5 to get our ikea fix!

Charleston Habitat for Humanity said...

I'm sure you've heard, but just in case, Charleston Habitat for Humanity has a large selection of building materials, architectual elements and furniture that might fit in your budget! Check their blog for a coupon at: http://ihelpedbuildit.blogspot.com

Lauren said...

Sandra, Just saw your blog for the first time and thought it was great.... After reading your bio, I had some random, nosey questions? Did you go to Clemson? I finished my Arch degree in 06 but then changed directions... I stayed through the program for the semester in Italy :) If you did go to Clemson, I'm sure that we shared professors which is where I got my rehab bug (I don't think in 4 years I did a project that wasn't renovation based) and so my senior year I started fixing up a gem in Seneca (laurenholmeswillis.googlepages.com). Anyway, enough of my rambling... keep up the good work!

RehabOrDie said...

Oh, it has been three months.

Go dig some holes in the dirt and tell us about it, or something.


Damn the recession!