ha, you thought this post was going to be about my new years resolutions. but i won't bore you anymore than necessary.

nope, this post is about the decision as far as the kitchen sink goes. we've decided to go with an asymmetrical offset sink like this -

- that way the big bowl on the right can be centered under the window but the overall sink can be centered in the cabinet. or close. see how off they are -

we're leaving the doors off of the sink base until after the counters and sink and disposal are installed, just for ease.

here are the rest of the final (for now) kitchen pics!

now we need to save up for the countertops, appliances and sink so we can have them all installed at the same time. i have to say, our kitchen is small by today's suburban standards, but this is the most storage i've ever had in a kitchen in my adult life, so i'm pretty excited about it!

here are the other appliances we have picked out:

i can't wait to use that range! and you can click over on 'inspiration' to see what i'm hoping for the countertops.


KTS said...

I love love love the dark stain floors. And your cabinet handles are great -- did they come w/ or did you do that custom? I'll just read on and find out. ;)

happy new year!

alicia said...

i think it looks great - in person too!! and if you need someone to go to carrara to pick out some marble for your countertops i have some free time. :)

sandra said...

thanks ladies!

katie - the cabinet pulls are also from ikea and we just attached them ourselves. :)

BunnyMendelbaum said...

Love it! Is that the Kitchenaid "architect" series? We are getting that stove too! Can you believe that us architects are really all going for the "architect" series? :)

Can't wait to see the final product!

sandra said...

Yep, it's the Kitchenaid architect series! lol

The rest of the appliances are Whirlpool though. Less expensive than KA, but I just wasn't crazy about the styling of any of the Whirlpool ranges.