we've been working on assembling and installing the cabinets little by little, and it's actually starting to look like a kitchen now!

i love the color combination of the creamy white cabinets with the walnut-y wood floor and the stainless steel appliance(s).

those ikea people are geniuses, because these cabinets go together so easily (especially the hinges). it's getting them installed against our not-so-square walls that is sometimes frustrating.

unfortunately we've found that our framers didn't quite center the window, so we've had to adjust where the upper cabinets are installed, and we have to make a decision on whether the kitchen sink will be centered on the window or on the base cabinet it sits in...any opinions out there? the centers are off by about 3.5 inches. which way do you think your eye will see it? in relation to the window or in relation to the base cabinet?

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