hanna ended up being a non-event and ike is staying its westerly course, so so far so good as far as hurricane season goes.

we're on a brief hiatus from the major house projects - currently in save-up mode. next on the list is the stair & loft railing, and then hopefully the master bathroom, although anthony wants to start working on the trim. we're having a bit of a disagreement about the material for the trim - he wants mdf while i want paint-grade wood. i think once we paint mdf, it will end up looking plastic because it's so flat and smooth. thoughts?

in the meantime, while we build up the bankroll, we will try to move forward on things like painting the windows. but it occurred to me that i forgot to share pics of the shed with its new door, so enjoy!


ciaobellon said...

Hmmm...I'd have to vote for paint grade wood. It would lend a little more character to your older home. We used a mix of new trim & old trim in our house reno, and the new trim (wood) stands out. I'd think ptd. MDF would stand out even more.

That being said, if you AREN'T mixing trim (meaning, if it is ALL new, either wood or MDF), it probably would be alright to use MDF, especially since your interior doors are newer (right?).

All things considered: my vote, wood.

sandra said...

Yes, the entire house will have new trim (not mixing old with new) and we do have new interior doors but they are solid wood doors.

The old trim was cheap ugly apartment-complex-style trim plus we have all new windows and doors so we didn't salvage any of it.

alicia said...

i think a simple mock up would answer the question. a side by side comparison of painted wood vs. mdf. and then a poll of your friends that come over to see if they can tell the difference!

that said...in jody's new house it looks like they used milled poplar for trim and it looks quite nice!