lookie here!

anthony (and i, kinda) worked really hard on putting the stair together this weekend! our friend david the woodworker suggested using mdf for the risers and trim, so we cut out the stringer/skirt boards and the risers. we still have to fill any gaps with some compound that dave will mix up, sand it and then paint it all white.

before, with temporary treads and railing -

in process...

the treads are just sitting on top now - not fastened yet. they need to be trimmed to length and then we'll glue them down after all the mdf is painted.

i'm so excited about how it looks! it makes the house feel more normal and less like a construction zone!

we also got our furniture delivery this weekend!

we both loooove the new sofa and chair. (please excuse the mess on the table - we were busy!). our old furniture went into the family room with the new tv. i'm leaning towards repainting the family room now...


just4yoshi said...

Good looking stairs. nice choice.

Corey said...

Looks great, and I like your in process pictures of the stairs. Gives me a clue on what to do with ours. :-)

ciaobellon said...

Good Job!!!! Looking good!