it was a productive saturday! (with others doing most of the work - even better!)

the guys from the city's department of urban forestry finally made it over here to grind out the stump of the tree out front. it took them a few hours and was pretty impressive to watch...

(see the termite tracks through the center of the stump...??)

they left all the wood shavings for us -

so anthony relocated most of them to fill in our low mud-prone driveway.

i suppose we'll use the rest as mulch (or is this a bad idea for some reason i'm unaware?).

the wood floors guys also came today to sand and stain the family room, office and powder room as well.

the whole house smells strongly of wood stain right now, so we have windows and doors open and fans blowing to clear it out by bedtime.

they will apply the first coat of poly on monday, and hopefully get all the coats down before we go out of town next weekend, so they can cure while we're away. then we can finally move into our family room! we have our new 46" LCD still in the box ready to go up on the wall, and some furniture being delivered in about 3 weeks.


Corey said...

I'd think using the shavings as mulch would be ok, but I'd question it's use on the driveway... As the mulch decomposes it will leave good fertile soil underneath. Normally people want a compacted soil to drive on, not something soft as it could turn to mud especially around the low wheel ruts.

sandra said...

Thanks Corey. This is just temporary to fill in our already soggy driveway and help in re-grading while we contemplate the use of pavers, gravel or some other pervious material.