re:move (more)

this weekend we scraped the popcorn off the ceilings!

it was a very easy task - much easier than we anticipated (finally! something easy!) - just very messy.

we just used a hose with a spray nozzle to spray the popcorn, let it soak in for a minute and then used a 12" scraper to scrape it off. easy as that! and now we have nice smooth ceilings, yay! the ceilings feel higher already. :)

so glad we decided to do this ourselves rather than hiring somebody - we got the entire house scraped in one day!

we also took out the sheetrock at the future loft:

i love how open it makes the stair and upstairs hall feel.

and we also started pulling up some of the old wood flooring in the kitchen, to get down to the subfloor - which clearly needs some patching and/or replacing (those are holes into the crawlspace)...

(by the way, we're doing this because there were so many layers of flooring in the kitchen (sheet vinyl on top of plywood on top of vinyl tile on top of t&g wood on top of diagonal 1x subfloor) that it was higher than the surrounding rooms, and we want the transition between rooms to be seamless.)

this week we should be getting pricing for the structural/foundation work at the back of the house, as well as another framing quote. hopefully we can move forward on those soon!

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